Me-RC50-L and ME-BMK

BillyBilly Registered Users Posts: 19 ✭✭
Have a Magna Ms4024PAE inverter, finally wired my AC in for my 6500 watt Generator.
Would the ME-RC50_L remote controller and ME-BMK battery monitor be what I need to make it complete?


  • KenMorganKenMorgan Registered Users Posts: 92 ✭✭
    I would go with the Advanced version of the remote the ME-ARC it offers a lot more capabilities for a very small increase (if any) in price.  now if you ever plan on connect two of the inverters together in parallel then you need the big mack daddy... the ME-ARTR which is the ME-ARC with the ability to route and tie multiple inverters together.  but if not then don't waste your money on it as its a PITA to program with all of its drop down menus. 
    30kw LiFePo4 battery bank, 18 JA solar 200 watt panels, 20 sharp 200 watt panels,  morningstar controller(s) and a magnum 4448 inverter with all the usual junk that goes with it. 
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