Looking for feedback on my design layout before I start installing things

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I recently purchased a complete "DIY" system from Northern Arizona Wind & Sun and the parts have (mostly) all come in. Now is the time for me to roll up the sleeves and begin the installation, starting with the basement in this antique barn I call home. While waiting on the parts to arrive, I took it upon myself to carefully measure the space I have to work with and have created a design that I plan to implement barring any revisions from the advise I receive from this forum (see attached photos). While I will install & hang all the components, I plan on hiring a licensed electrician to do the actual wiring & commissioning.

  • (12) REC alpha-series solar panels
  • (12) Tigo TS$-A-O optimizers
  • (1) Tigo CCA outdoor kit
  • (1) Outback Radian FPR-4048A-300AFCI pre-wired inverter/charger
  • (2) Fortress eFlex 5.4kWh batteries
  • (1) Outback RSI
  • (3) MidNite Solar surge protectors
  • (1) Midnite MNPV6-250 combiner
  • (12) Tamarack racking kits
  • (2) QBox Junction Boxes
Feedback welcomed as this is my first solar project. In particular, are my drawings sufficiently detailed for the AHJ ?


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    With some feedback this forum, as well as others, I've updated my basement inverter/charger/battery layout.
    • The CMU wall itself is always dry due to the way it was installed INSIDE the foundation, so no dampness there.
    • I've added fuses between the batteries and the inverter/charger.
    • There will be no back-feeding to the grid: the primary use case is as a "Mini-grid/UPS".
    • RJ-45 cables are no longer in the wireway/raceway.
    • There are DC and AC breakers inside the Outback -- I assume that would suffice?
    I think this is getting much closer to final. Feedback still welcomed.
    The goal is to start installing things this weekend.


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