Combox - System Events - System Initialization Fault

loaded latest firmware [may times], and now it is does not Initialization or see any other devices on the Xanbus
[before loading the firmware, it originally only saw the older MPPT 60 and not the SW, [the #2 was not hooked up]
the web page was also different, it did not have the left hand index, now it looks like the youtube examples.]

Conext SW [jan 2020]
Conext System Control Panel [operational, sees and can control others] [jan 2020]
Conext MPPT 60 #1 [12ish years older]
Conext MPPT 60 #2 [2021]
conext-battery-monitor  [2021]

the web page shows "Default Software Name" at the top

I have spent may hours reading and trying, but cannot get it to work.
thank you for your assistance and suggestions.

Device Info: Default Software Name by Schneider Electric

Model Number: 809-0918
Serial Number: B13877586
Hardware Revision: Rev-J

Device Name: ComBox-B13877586

MAC Address: 00-00-54-FE-50-[**]
IP Address: 192.168.1.[**]
Hostname: cb-B13877586

Software ID: 150-0279
Kernel Version: 1.46

Application Version: Ver03.08BN0874
Application Build Date: 2018-01-08_11-46-08

Boot Loader Version: Ver01.04BN0128
Boot Loader Build Date: 2016-06-21_17-55-06

Modbus Map Version: A.4

Date and Time: 2021/09/12 21:35:15
Time Zone: (-07:00)Mountain-Time_US_Canada


  • Dave AngeliniDave Angelini Solar Expert Posts: 6,034 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Try resetting combox to factory. Also make sure that the actual firmware you loaded is really being run. Even though your screen shot shows the correct firmware, hover over the firmware and make sure it is running. Clear browser cache. DC power down of everything. Make sure network is terminated and set-up correctly!

    If none of that helps, try removing xanbus and power from combox and let it sit.  Try it again. You could also try reverting back to older combox Firmware.

    Good Luck!     Also keep in mind that Combox went out of support a few years back and was replaced with Conext Insight Home and Gateway. The new Cloud  Insight will allow remote monitor/ control / Configuration from anywhere.
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  • KendallKendall Registered Users Posts: 5 ✭✭
    thank for reply,
    I purchased it in Jan 2020, [just getting around to installing it]. had I known it was slated to be discontinued, I would not have purchases it.
    to reset to factory i hold small button on power up past the slow flashes and then through the fast flashes... ?

    [cant clear browser cache it is full of stuff I need, will try another computer though]

  • Dave AngeliniDave Angelini Solar Expert Posts: 6,034 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    I would go back to the people you bought this from! Combox was  out of support in jan 2020.  If you can boot up combox there is a reset screen. I can't remember all of this but it is in your manual. Maybe someone else who is running combox will help.
    Where are you please?
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  • KendallKendall Registered Users Posts: 5 ✭✭
    I got it from the people here, - Northern AZ wind & sun

    I'm in Grand Junction CO

    got it to resetting back to factory...
    [it seems it needs to be connected to the internet to resent to factory, i have been trying with it it not connected...]

    ----------- reset sequence --------
    power off
    hold in small hole button while powering on
    hold until all 5 Leds start flashing - release small hole button
    wait for combox to reboot
    power led = green on
    status led = orange on

    I assume that the orange status led with the System Events faults and warnings of "System Initialization Fault"
    is due to it not seeing any devices on the buss since it is not hooked to anything.

    i will work on hooking it into the system tomorrow - thanks so far

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    2021/09/13 20:38:57SetComBoxN/AN/ASystem Initialization Fault

    this is the error

    power led = on green
    xanbus = on green
    status = on orange/red

    no devices visible
    terminators used on ends of chain devices
    I will swap around cables and look for a bad/finicky one
    and attach one device at a time to see if it recognizes devices individually using assorted cables.
  • KendallKendall Registered Users Posts: 5 ✭✭
    the combox is not running the software correctly.
    the setup web page shows only the "Conext Combox Settings" at the top, and nothing else, no options to click and change.
    the restore to factory did not restore it to how it was when I first started it, [it originally allowed a shorter password and did not have the option "tree" on the left of the screen].
    the manual states that only the green power led should be lit, this one has the status led = on orange/red also lit once fully booted
    it also reports that it is the combox that has the fault

    2021/09/13 20:38:57SetComBoxN/AN/ASystem Initialization Fault

    so it is still trying to load and run the software upgrade to v3.08. I do not know what version it came with, but it was different as mentioned above. [odd that a 2020 unit [manufactured in 2019] would not have had the 08/jan/2018 software v3.08]

    I have used the web portal to upload the v3.08 file a SE tech provided in a link when I opened a service ticket, [you have to go to the "Discontinued products" page to find the files. [I have downloaded the file from and installed it into the combox many times thinking I may have received a corrupted download file ]

    the combox originally saw my MPPT 60 and not my SX 4024, to remedy that that I was in the process of returning all devices to factory setting using the System Control Panel [SCP] (which can see all devices on the Xantrex bus and control them, and powering everything down as recommend. That was when i pushed the small hole button too long and took it past the factory reset to -upgrade operating system, and that is where we stand, it does not boot up all the way maybe because the file from SE is bad at their end.

    mentioned above was to try an older operating system, does not offer any such file, if someone has one to provide I will try that.

  • Dave AngeliniDave Angelini Solar Expert Posts: 6,034 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    I would talk with wind and sun! They were selling this at it's last days. The one year warranty is probably gone unless you registered the product to extend it to 2 years. I think they should apply the cost to Connext home, but that is only my opinion.

     On their side, you did let this sit for quite a long time. Not a good idea with electronics.

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