Chinese vs american pumps

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I am looking at booster pumps and variable speed swimming pool pumps. The differenced in price is staggering. an american made swimming pool pump variable speed is $1200. plus tax. A chinese one same HP is $350 t0 $400/ these are namebrands Vevor and Rison. How can american made pumps be that much better? Anybody know of any non biased test comparisions. am I really comparing apples with apples? I don;t get it


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    It can be likened to buying corporate bonds. Some are investment grade and some are junk grade. Some companies have been making pumps for decades and more. Some companies will be gone as soon as they have made their money, or don't.

    It also is your requirements and if you really are comparing the specs accurately. Are the specs from the chinese company accurate?  The other requirement is quality. Is this just for a swimming pool or do you need to pump the pool in a wildfire? Do you need spare parts in the middle of a pandemic?

    I know what you are saying about the prices and I suppose if you buy any pump from home depot or lowes, you do have 90 days. I have bought 15 year old pumps from Goulds, Franklin and Grundfos and rebuilt them for next to nothing. I doubt you can get parts but maybe I am wrong.

    A quality VFD drive is going to cost money but can easily pay for itself if you are using the grid. 
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    I agree with Dave, but Grundfos has slipped on some of their products recently.  I just installed a DAB pump, and have been impressed so far.  They are more than many of the Chinese pumps, but the quality seems pretty good and the power consumption is very easy on an off grid system.
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