MT50 issues

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My solar was working great then I got this   Not sure what this means and how to fix it   I have 1200 watts of solar running to an Epever 100amp charge controller and 2 awg wire running to 6 large golf cart batteries


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    Do you have a voltmeter and can confirm your battery bank is at 4 VDC and not 12 VDC right now?

    Taking most rechargeable type batteries below "dead" is very hard on them. You need to get these on a charger quickly (can you put on a 12 volt AC charger for now?) or they will be quickly destroyed (if not already).

    If the battery bank is really "dead" (10.5 volts or less)--Why did that happen? Was the solar charger not charging? Too much load on the system and exceeded the solar charging capability.

    Next--Most charge controller need >~9 VDC to property boot and charge... Although I have seen some that say they will charge a "dead" battery bank.

    If the battery bank is >10.5 volts (at least some charge)... Disconnect the solar array first, then disconnect battery bank. Wait a minute or two... Then connect battery bank first (charge controllers generally need to be connected to battery bank first, and they will correctly boot and configure)... Then connect the solar array second.

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