Conext AGS - 6848 XW+ generator exercise issue

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My generator worked as programmed all winter charging my battery bank with no issues.

Now that the sun is back the generator has not run in the Automatic mode since late February.  The first 30 day exercise period occurred on March 29th.  The generator charged the batteries just fine through the 30 minute cycle.  But the system did not turn the generator off.  Instead it started putting the generator back online, but then took it back off after a second or two.  It kept doing this up until I turned the generator off using the Manual Off command.

Today, 30 days later, the system tried to start the generator as programmed, but it would only cycle the glow plugs for 3 seconds then turn them off.  It kept this up for several minutes until I intervened and set the AGS to Manual Off.  It never did try to actually start the generator.  I started the generator using the Manual On command and the AGS cycled the glow plugs as programmed and started the generator.  The XW put the generator online and charged the batteries just fine.  I exercised the generator for 30 minutes, then placed the generator in Manual Off.

The XW is running firmware version 2.07.00 and the AGS is running firmware version 3.01.00.  My system is off grid.

I’m curious if this is a programming issue on my part or if this is a known issue that is tied to the firmware that I am using.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts folks have.

Off Grid, 4.5KW array, 9&6KW Gens, 6848XW inverter, Midnite Classic 150, 2 strings - 48V - Trojan FLA L16 2V, located in Talkeetna, Alaska
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