Problem programing XWPRO w/ Conext Gateway

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Hi. New to the forum. I am having problems trying to access my XWPRO using the Gateway. I need to reconfigure the Master and Slave again. For some reason they reset to master. Do not know how it happened. The inverters are giving the F66 fault. I can see the MPPT's at the Gateway but I can not see the inverters. Any ideas ? I tried resetting everything and I still F66 is showing and can not see the inverters.


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    What do you mean by resetting everything? Exactly what did you do please?

    I am guessing that the assignment of master and slave was never entered after you selected the change.
     Also, you need to clear the fault before you can make any selection at this point. If you have an SCP which you should you can do this easily. Select system settings, scroll down to clear faults and warnings. You can do this also on gateway but the SCP can be faster.

    Good Luck ! This is a common issue for a new user and it is there to protect XW.
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