New Amp Clamp

Rngr275Rngr275 Solar Expert Posts: 116 ✭✭
My posts from the last couple of weeks has been about my battery struggles and my generator craping out. New generator installed today and should commission it in a day or 2. Re-did my 48v 8 battery in series and another 8 in parallels to a single 8 battery series using the best batteries until I decide what I want to do, probably biting the bullet and put together a new battery bank. Similar set up using Crown RE batteries instead of Trojans (whole different story).

Check SG just after the sun went off my panels and the bank looked good except for a couple cells that were reading 1.283, not sure why but as I said the sun had just gone down. Currently, doing a 3.5hr absorb (was doing 4hr for my full bank).

So I just received my DC amp clamp. It has been recommended to have one (I guess I should have years ago), but I'm not sure how to use it as an analytical tool for the battery bank.

Could someone comment on my battery SG/charging and how to I put the Amp Clamp to work for me?

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