Looking for suggestions, stationary off grid solar + traveling RV

camper4lifecamper4life Registered Users Posts: 1
I have a relatively new to me, off grid site in northern Michigan as well as a travel trailer which will reside up there majority of the year.  I currently have two 225ah GC2 batteries in the TT and 200 watts of solar (currently ground deploy as the trailer is less than 2 years old and under warranty), plus an inverter gen for high load and/or bad weather.  This has been enough to get by in the warmer months but colder weather when the heat is running I spend a lot of time running the generator.  Now that I have a permanent site I want to expand my solar.  What I envision is having a larger solar array/battery bank on the property I can plug into while I'm on site.  I also want to be able to continue traveling other places without hookups.  I picture leaving my current setup on the TT and building a permanent solar array+battery bank on site.  The big question is do I hook up onsite power to the TT via 12v, or run the whole trailer off an inverter powered by the site battery bank?  My first thought was losses from 12v to 120v then the TT converter switching back to 12v.  Anyone else have a similar situation and how did you solve it?

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