Kimmerj: all in one solar Generator called the Bluetti AC20--Mixed charging sources questions

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I have an all in one solar Generator called the Bluetti AC20. It has an 2000W/4800W MPPT inverter  and is capable of charging from solar and AC at the same time.

It is 1700Wh Lithium Ion Batteries. Specs are 35-150v/Max.700W,Max12A for Input. I charge it using solar panels which works great inside my house and in the RV(which is why I went with this unit). The panels are portable.

I also have two ebikes that have 36v 13Ah batteries. Since Bluetti has the capability to charge from AC, solar, exterior battery, car, can I use the eBike batteries to charge up the Bluetti on rainy days when we are camping? We wouldn't be using them and it would give us some extra energy since we would be inside the RV.

There is a youtube video where someone does this but want to make sure it doesn't damage my Bluetti. Thoughts???
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