Outback mate not displaying power from vfx

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I have recently replaced our gfx1424e with a vfx3024e purchased second hand. I have also added a hub 4.
When the mate is on the FX summary screen it doesn't display the inverting loads correctly. It did display the loads when using the gfx1424e, but not from the vfx3024e.
It is displaying inverting 0.000kw with our basic loads, then when I put a 700w load on it is saying inverting 0.100w.
With the gfx it would generally be showing 0.100kw or 0.200kw with our basic loads on but the VFX is showing 0.000kw.
Can anyone help with why this is happening?
The inverter is working as it should other than this. I can use the mate to turn the generator on using the ags. Once the generator is on the mate is working and displaying as it should. Showing 2.400kw buying and 2.200kw charging.
The problem is when it's inverting.

The inverter is also showing an internal temperature sensor warning, airtemp 255, captemp 225 and fettemp 225. I have been told by someone that this a common fault on the VFX inverters. Is this something I should be concerned about? Iv been told that it's not really a problem. Is this correct?


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    I am not sure--But from another thread, a disconnected temperature sensor for a remote battery temperature sensor on a FM/FX solar controller (open connection), the digital value is 255 (open). You also have 225 values listed--Are those typos?

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