Anyone have an Elgris Zero Export Controller?

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Has anyone actually set up one of these Elgris Zero Export Controllers? I have one but cant figure out how to get it to talk to my Growatt inverter, I’ve been told by others that have them and sales info that it communicates if I get an antenna for it but the company says it needs a direct wire, but no further explanation. Also I can’t figure out how to set up their e-cloud to reset the values on the system. I have all the manuals but the website to set up the cloud account doesn’t look like the manuals say it does. I know a few others with these things, they can’t figure out how to get set up on the cloud either so no one can set up zero export. Can’t get a coherent answer from the company. Any help would be greatly appreciated. That’s about it. the dog


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    Hi, Dog, I don't know if you saw this one or not - maybe so.  I don't have either device but looking at both.

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    I purchased the Elgris Zero Controller last fall. I have not been able to get it to work. Even I cannot access the website to configure as it is hit and miss, mostly miss.. Sorry but I cannot recommend in Germany. If you purchase one of their Zero Export controllers you will get ZERO after sale service. They do not return emails.....The 19 page manual (on line) is not specific and/or thorough. I really hate to throw a business under the bus but I have an expensive paper weight....
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    I haven't even been able to get my Elgris to communicate with the inverter, mine is now just sitting in my spare parts box. I talked to the sales person a few times but it really didn't help. The instructions are vague and not specific to the unit you buy, and NO ONE helps! I can't say I'd recommend this thing to anyone. A lot of single phase things for 230 50/60hz like in Europe will work with our split phase 220 60hz, Growatt told me none of the single phase controllers will work with a split phase inverter, so be real careful how it is set up. Some of my US type wall a/c units will only work with our spit phase system but won't work on a part of our system that is 230 v single phase. I am trying a cheep, about $60. now, thing they make here in PH that just shuts down one string. When it's full sun, so far it helps make it so I don't export over about 5amps at any time, but I haven't gotten that working right yet either, but at least the company is super helpful and the thing is so simple, just a sensor , controller, relay and it actually comes with coherent instructions. I have a Growatt inverter the Elgros thing is supposed to be able to communicate with all of them, Elgos asked for the serial number to make sure it would work and they said it would. The thing with them is the complete and total lack of support. I'll check that out, I don't remember if I've looked at or not, I think I looked at everything made anywhere on earth by now....That's about it. the dog
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    Oh Yea..... I got that, I thought it would work but Growatt says no. What I may actually do now is switch some of the apartments we have that are submetered, onto the line this stuff is on instead of a separate one like it is now so that the use will always exceed the output. That's about it. the dog
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    You guy's do know that Outback Power systems and Schneider Solar both build Hybrid inverters that have this all built-in. They call it various names like zero export or net zero.

    Outback has a model that does not need a battery also.
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    Yes, there are lots of them that do, but I have this 8K inverter that's hardly used. We bought it before they added all kinds of requirements and inspections to export here in PH, and I really didn't want to spend another $1K + shipping for another while this is working OK. We have 3 other systems already set up that don't export, they use batteries, this is a grid tie system we use only for the pool pump and common area a/c units that only run during the day. It works great, just the export issue. Thanks for the suggestion, it's greatly appreciated. That's about it. the dog
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    Thanks for all the suggestions. What I think I'm going to do is, we have a number of apartments that run off of one our power meters using submeters. I'm going to route the feed to the inverter through the panel that feeds those apartments. That way I'll always be importing some power since their refrigerators and a/c units will draw off all the excess.
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