Tesla model 3 batt and PV INV

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Im a solar contractor and
I live offgridand have a 24.5kw pv array with 70KWH of model s modules wired for 48v
I need more storage so  
My idea is to use a tesla model 3 battery full pack 400vdc (only $8k for 75kwh) and an sma7.7 grid tie inverter with a zero export controller. Charge it with a model 3 charger when the current battery is full 
And discharge it to cover the AC load whenever possible.
Its a way to add cheap storage to my setup if the sma will do it.
The menus in the sma allow all kinds of parameters to be adjusted. I don't see why it wont work they use the same inverter for the sunny boy storage from what i can tell the last time i installed a SBS i looked it over really good.

The AC coupled battery would give me more available power and do most of the "work"

So my question is has anyone ever hooked a 400v battery into a PV inverter?

The user interface on the SB im pretty sure will let me disable mppt and i can change other things that may be beneficial to a battery setup 

The zero export with an energy meter will control the output of the inverter so its not pushing 7.7kw all willie nillie lol and i have dual 8k radian's that can FSPC 

The BMS will turn on and off the pack as needed kinda like the sun. Seems simple-ish 
I would use a sunny boy storage if I could figure out how to get the battery to talk to the sunny boy storage and for SMA to allow it to work with their firmware they basically say they don't want you using anything that's not ready to be used with it from the manufacturer. And they only like non explosive chemistry (cover there ass lol)
Off grid.
 Temporary system while i build house 
8.5 kw pv, 70kwh's tesla model S batteries, 4548 xantrex 
2 60A xw cc 1 80A outback cc. 25kw diesel gen 
Looking at skybox for 20kw ac 18.5kw dc pv when done

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