XW Pro Enhanced Grid Support & Sell drains battery bank when selling

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Hello to all,

I came upon your forum while looking foa a solution to the subject matter.

I wish to run the XW Pro on Enhanced Grid Support & sell to the Power Authority. It is DC coupled.

In setting the Grid Support Voltage to 65 V and Maximum Sell Amps to 27 A, the system would begin selling to the grid by draining the battery bank. It would do this only for a few minutes, and then it would start charging the battery bank from the grid.

I have disabled the XW charging and have set zero (0) A for selling presently, until I solve this issue.  With these settings, the system seems to work fine, but the objective is to SELL to the grid.

Any help with the configuration would be greatly appreciated.

Attached is a pdf showing the system information and parameters.


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    Welcome to the forum ereyes3,

    I am sorry--I do not know enough to be helpful here... I will bump your post and see if anyone can help.

    Your configuration dump seems to be very complete (~9 pages).

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    Thank you, Bill. Much appreciated!
  • ereyes3ereyes3 Registered Users Posts: 3
    Thanks to @kshughes for helping me out,

    Problem solved!  Yes, it is working correctly now!

    I replaced firmware 1.09 with version 1.03 yesterday and the XW Pro immediately started working as it should have.
    Thanks so much.

    And if you happen to be near Camuy, please drop by to say hello and have a coffee.


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