I see how hard or easy it is to contact customer support

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Before I buy a product that may require some help from the manufacture I see how hard or easy it is to contact customer support or tec help, I called OUTBACK  yesterday morning and all I could do is leave a message with my phone number and I went on there website and opened a Case #163945 and I have not heard a word from them, this is not a good sign.  I could potentially be in the dark until I hear from them.
I called RENOGY and I was on a waiting list on hold but I got through to tec support in about 20 min.
It says a lot about a company when they quickly take your money but then ignore you until it is convenient for them.


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    Yes , it’s hard to get help from out back . 
     But it’s is a way better product then the renogy . 
     If you buy from AWS most of  the guys are very knowledgeable , I’ve been trying to get some help from out back but no love yet .
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    It is a different world right now for the two big guys Schneider and Outback.  C19 is a huge toll on resources. You also need to be up to speed on what to expect. This forum is an excellent source for that!

     We want to keep them in business and not be buying form companies not based in North America right?
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