Growatt 8000-US Zero Export?

the_uglydogthe_uglydog Registered Users Posts: 25 ✭✭
Hi, We use the same electric system here as the US, two 110 lines with a neutral/ground at the pole and meter. I have a Growatt 8000-US grid tie inverter that operates for this system. I need to make it zero export since here the cost to have it feed back to the grid is prohibitive and the payback is miniscule making it totally not cost effective. Has anyone used the Growatt smart meter for single phase on one of these inverters in The US? I know it will work with 230 volt single phase, 230 line and neutral/ground which is used in most of Asia, but I can't find anyone who knows if it works on the US type single/split phase type. Thanks, that's about it. the dog
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