Kohler 14RESA backup generator question, Error Engine speed low

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Just curious for those that might have the same generator.
We have it hooked up to its own propane tank. would the size of the tank possibly cause this error?
We originally had issue with the wrong regulator and i think hose size but since getting the correct items its worked great. now that the weather is cloudy and we need the generator the few times its kicked on automatically its stopped after a while (an hour or two) and given this code.
the first time the tank appeared low so we switched it out (for a smaller tank) and then it happened again with the smaller tank. i just pressed the power button and hit auto again and thankfully it came on by itself but then shut down again for "engine speed low". So im curious if it could be a propane issue or something else. thanks!


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    Assume that this genset runs on Vapor LPG (not liquid to a Converter).

    It does sound like you could be freezing the tank.   Of course,  the ambient temperature will affect the run-time,  to any freeze point of the tank.   AND,   the smaller the tank,   the quicker it will freeze.

    Liquid LP from the tank  will not have tank freeze probs,   as the LP is not vaporized at the tank.

    Just 2-cents.   Vic

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