Charge Controller & MC4 Connecter Recommendation

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Hello, I plugged my info into the midnite solar sizing tool online and was wondering if anyone had some cheap charge controller recommendations based on these specs. I was going to go with 150 volts to account for the weather making the panels voltage increase. The less expensive the better. Will this one work?

Also, will the standard MC4 connecter work with my solar set up? I plan on wiring my panels in series strings of 3 and then those sets together in parallel with a total of 9 panels. So, the MC4's seem to be rated to 1k volts with 30 amps (Impp ) so my panels will all be wired into one output with 25.5 amps (Impp) and 92.1 volts (Vmpp). The Mc4's will work fine for this right?

Do I need a solar combiner if I can just use the MC4 connecter's? Also Do I need to put a fuse or something like that between the output of the panels and the input of the charge controller? 

Attached below are pics of the stuff. 

Thank you in advance,


- 4 of the 12 volt, 200ah AGM renogy batteries (I sent a screenshot of the specs above).
- 150/60 MPPT Epever Charge Controller 
- 3000 watt (9000 peak) inverter/charger/auto-transfer switch
- PV array of 6 260 watt, 30.7 Vmpp, 8.5 Impp. 
- Battery Shunt Monitor (

Also, I live in a fifth wheel!


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