This panel mounting worked

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Just wanted to post this mounting method for what it's worth. At my location the panels need only a slight angle. I didn't want to put them on the roof, 1) because I don't like heights, (it's a 2 story), 2) it's hurricane country, it rains a lot and the less holes you put in your roof the better, 3) in late winter thru early Spring the sun would be on the wrong side of the south facing roof.
So I came up with 2-1/2" x 1-5/8" perforated angle iron mounted in thin wall sanitary 3" PVC pipe.
Our soil has a high clay content so I used a square cutting shovel to dig pyramid shaped holes and set the PVC posts in cement (with rock)  and 1/2" or 3/8" rebar inside the angle iron tied with wire.
Posts were filled to the top with cement.
It was actually fun to build and was easy to reconfigure when I added more panels.
1/4" and 5/16" galvanized bolts and washers secured thru the perforated steel made it easy to assemble. Spray bolts with lithium grease. Had to drill a few holes in the side of panels where I couldn't access the undersides.
It has worked well and stood up to Hurricane Maria....winds weren't clocked accurately as all measuring devices were destroyed but were anywhere from 100mph to 130 mph.

8- 235Watt panels, 2 strings in series/parallel, 4L16 Deka 6Volt, 370AH FLA. batteries, 3000W Cotek pure sine inverter, SRNE ML2440 40Amp Controller &  40 Amp Renogy controller, 24 Volt system.
4 stand alone PV arrays; 12V gate opener, 24V Dankoff rain water pumping system, 12V Shurflo rain water garden pumping, 12V bathroom LED lighting and fan.
2- 450 Watt Phonosolar panels with 4 L16 6 volt batts./ Renogy Tracer 40 Amp controller/ Samlex 3000W Inverter.
Honda EU3000W generator for backup.
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