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a little off topic but construction anyway...I am doing a 200 sf dormer/addition. It starts as a dormer and continues out over a platform
about 20 ft. It is sited right at the edge of the roof, not in the middle. The 2x6 wall will be a continuation of the wall inside under the last truss
in the roof on that end. There is a 2 ft extension of the roof past the truss and the siding but its just an overhang and not supported from underneath. I did the platform this year. Framing is for next spring. Has anyone done one of this type and have any suggestions for avoiding problems with the framing.??? thanks. I think there are some engineers here on the forum that tend to have construction experience at a pro level...


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    If you are talking about the over hang of the existing roof on the gable end , I just tear it off remove the rafter or truss 
    extend the studs up to the new rafter and sheath the wall and reside .
     A 2’ unsupported hover hang will sag over time .
     If you rebuilt the over hang you could add steel angel brackets to hold it up. 
     If you want to keep a real dormer look , you really need to save the roof in to the second rafter and double it up ‘ then build the outside wall on top.
     Your dormer will be smaller but look as it should . I’ve built a 100 dormers like you describe. 
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