For Sale: NEW Grundfos 6 SQF-2 Pump

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I bought this 6 SQF-2 pump as a spare for an identical pump, that has been in service for 13 years and it just won't quit. According to my water meter, it's pumped over 1 Million gallons, how is that for reliability? Any way it new, it's never been out of the original box, and I can attest to how long they last. I now have a new well, different location & I need one that has a higher pump head than this pump, which will pump to 395' when it's powered correctly. 
I am located in the Prescott Arizona area.
Message me here if interested.


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    Grundfos is the best, far and away.  How old is the pump?  I know it's new, but how long have you had it?  Is it in sealed plastic in the box?
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    Sorry I didn't see you post sooner, I'm pretty wrapped up in getting all the components ordered& lined up for my new well. The Grundfos coding on the Factory box indicates that it was made in the 19th week of 2010. It has never been out of the factory box & still has the factory plastic around it. 
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    do you still have this new- 2010 pump? Our solar pump died last summer and we still have not replaced it.
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    Send a Private message to DennisM... He may not see your post:

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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    Yes I still have the pump. As you may know they sell for ~$2300 now, I'm selling this one for $1700 + shipping.
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