Help with Lynx 1000 Distribution

I have a few questions about installation of Lynx 1000 Distribution. 

Current Set Up:  550W Go Power Solar with Charge Controller
                          100W Go Power Solar with Charge Controller Portable

2000 Go Power Inverter, 40A DC/DC Charger, Blue Sea 12V Block, Junction Studs, Converter Charger

I have 2 Lynx 1000 Distribution Boxes, using Shunt from Victron B-712

I’ve linked up the 2 Lynx boxes. I have all the items connected with proper fuses POS to POS and Neg to Neg

My question is:

Does it matter about the placement of each item where is it installed on the Lynx?
From left to right
Lynx #1 -
Slot 1 is Inverter
Slot 2 is Charge Controller
Slot 3 is Charge Controller
Slot 4 is DC/DC Charger

Lynx #2 -
Slot 1 is 12V Fuse block
Slot 2 is Converter Charger
Slot 3 is Junction studs
Slot 4 is Open


Question 2
How does the batteries charge from solar on this diagram below? 



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