Please Help Us Out With Our Research Project

We are doing an engineering group project for high school and we need data for our survey. We need people who have owned or still do own solar panels. We are trying to get an idea of how people feel about cleaning their solar panels and see if my group and I could design a quick and easy solution to it, but for that to happen we need as many people to answer our quick survey. It would help us a lot if you can dedicate a couple minutes for this. :smile:


  • MichaelKMichaelK Registered Users Posts: 228 ✭✭✭
    Sorry, but if you want people to answer any questions, design your site so people don't have to sign in.  I won't

    divulge any personal information of any kind, not even a Google log-on.

    System 1) 15 Renogy 300w + 4 250W Astronergy panels,  Midnight 200 CC, 8 Trojan L16 bat., Schneider XW6848 NA inverter, AC-Delco 6000w gen.
    System 2) 8 YingLi 250W panels, Midnight 200CC, three 8V Rolls batteries, Schneider Conext 4024 inverter (workshop)
  • New_Mexico_WillNew_Mexico_Will Registered Users Posts: 107 ✭✭
    Yup, I'd be happy to it as well, but not willing to register on your site, especially since it's your first post.  It feels a little spammy.
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