PWM Charge Controller Not Entering Float Mode



  • fratermusfratermus Registered Users Posts: 44 ✭✭
    Both my friends and my PWM controllers are designed to go into float mode (according to their specs in any case, but this is backed up by you being able to configure the float voltage in both of them).
    The controller you linked to on Amazon doesn't float because it has no float mode.  I have one in front of me. 

    The voltage setpoints available are:
    • charging voltage,  which they describe (inaccurately) as "float stage" and then (accurately) as "HVD" in the same bullet point.  The charger stops charging above this voltage and restarts charging below it.
    • load low voltage disconnect
    • load low voltage reconnect

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  • Randy_QuaidRandy_Quaid Registered Users Posts: 1
    I have the same charge controller and it would stay at 14.4 volts all day on a fully charged 20ah agm deep cycle no matter what I set float voltage to. 100w Rich Solar panel. I tried two different batteries and they both would pop the vents from overcharging. They charged fine on an ac battery charger. I ordered a different charge controller and am having a replacement sent for the defective one. Will test the replacement and use for a portable ham radio setup.
  • BrodVictorBrodVictor Registered Users Posts: 1 you are utilizing a typical DC-DC converter to charge the lead corrosive?

    I would presume that the voltage variance at drift mode is because of oneself release of the lead-corrosive battery. On the off chance that you investigate the application note I alluded you as well, this is the reason we beat charge the battery after it arrives at the buoy voltage.

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