Connecting a wind turbine to a battery bank

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Hi All,

I'm a bit apprehensive in connecting a wind turbine to my battery bank and would like a second/third/... opinion.
Already there:
Mastervolt Powercharger 12v 40A Battery Charger for shore power charging.

500W solar through a 50 AMP MPPT Solar Charge Controller 
It gets it's common from the Mastervolt AC charger.
The positive 12v charging output runs through a 50A breaker.
All this works well.

I now have a 500W 12/24VDC Wind Turbine (
It has a PWM controller in the head of the unit.
This then runs in a break switch where you can see the wattage generated and there is a switch to put on the break.
I tried this setup directly on a car battery for testing purposed with the output directly going to the battery terminals.
This worked well.

I have a 12v battery bank made up of 4 x 75 Ah SLA batteries.
I also have 2 x 2 75 Ah SLA batteries for winches and truster respectively.

I noticed that the solar +ve is connected to the battery bank before an isolation switch.
My instinct tells me I can't connect the wind +ve there as well because the wind turbine's PWM will think the batteries are fully charged with the solar coming in.

Where can I connect this +ve wind wire?

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