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I need to monitor well levels and data log about 4 times a day. I might have to go to court over a damaged aquifer due to a vanity water feature nearby. Another rich out of state guy who could care less about the health of the earth. Spends 6 weeks a year there.
I want one of the sonic measuring tools but the reviews are inconsistent and I need something reliable. I don't mind doing some modifications to improve a device.I see the well watch 670 but the company site doesn't seem to be updated and that makes me wonder who is behind it. The reviews are mixed and nowadays there are paid fake reviews.Has anyone here had some experience with these devices ?? I want it to reliably store a few months data and I could manually download it a few times a year via usb. I don't need bluetooth
or like that....


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    Can you even sue/collect/enforce this? In California, a friend of a friend in the Sierra foothills had his well go dry, and a new/deeper well go dry after a pot farm rented some nearby land... I don't think he had any other option than just drilling deeper again (more storage, etc.).

    This looks interesting--Not cheap at $450 but is dropped in well and pulled to read (may be some sort of other in-well reading options too--Did not read everything):


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     It would be hard to collect on a cartel grower.... but a legal permitted project/??? If I disturb your life in any substantial way would I not be responsible to fix it??? Maybe not in many corrupt counties....see how the truth is thrown out now routinely in the US???
    Thats part of the definition of evil.
     and regarding drilling..( I worked for a water well driller) water is found in water bearing formations and layers and pockets. There is No gaurantee you will hit water again in the same bore. You might. 30$ a ft.   minimum. 
    Again the problem is in thinking its ok to do a project that involves in ground water and not consider all things..I would consider my 
    close neighbors before anything else... but what percentage of people in the US do now???
    Evil is routine now. But not for too long...