Ossiaco in production of dcbel - soon to be available for US split phase?

MarkCMarkC Solar Expert Posts: 196 ✭✭✭
Has anyone had actual experience with the Ossiaco "system" that includes the dcbel "inverter" system?  Their claim is that the dcbel will  incorporate functions of: 
  • Two solar MPPT inputs
  • CHAdeMO and CCS electric vehicle high voltage DC connections for enhanced energy storage and also "fast(er)" charging (bi-directional)
  • BESS storage with bi-directional energy flow (do not know if all/any of the commercial systems can be utilized - or proprietary)
  • High capacity AC based level II charger for EVs (J-1772)
It appears to be a modular system that can provide "blackout power" using a grid sensing communications system in combination with an external grid disconnect so that the sub-panel can be installed with most conventional home breaker panels (and of course rerouting of the "backup" users.)

Also a modular system of transformer(s) to support split phase (120 VAC) sub panel requirements.

Appears any good UPS can be used for certain startup purposes (checking on this one, but seems if any BESS is used, why this?)

Seems to be a bit "cludgy" at first glance, but then considering how many different electrical systems there are around the World, maybe a good way to go for those of us that want our solar systems to work in concert with our EVs to provide significant backup power - or even  arbitrage with our energy providers if we believe it pays off.  


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