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will the Sun 128 SDS pumps  work with 1 1/4 inch white threaded drop  pipe or do you have to use the smaller black 1 piece pic pipe...?


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    I would worry about a couple of issues... PVC pipe tends to be more "fragile" and easier to break vs many of the black/abs/polypropylene/etc. type piping. If you are inserting/lifting the pump, a relatively inflexible PVC pipe would seem to be an issue if the pump is more than a few 10s of feet deep (unless you have couplings/unions every 10-20 feet???).

    Going with a larger diameter pipe means more water column for the pipe to hold (more pressure on pipe, thread, lifting pipe+pump from well).

    There are several classes of SDS pumps, and all of them use smaller diameter piping (quick look) and have this warning:


    From PDF page 5, bullet point 1:
    Use no larger than ½” drop pipe for SDS-D and SDS-T series pumps and ¾” drop pipe for SDSQ series pumps. Because of the low flow rates of the SDS series pumps, the water velocity is not fast enough to carry any sand and sediment to the surface. These small particles may settle inside the pump as well as the drop pipe causing pump damage. 
    Having high enough water velocity to prevent sedimentation in the pump/piping seems to be a big issue to ignore.

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