are generators installed with solar solution eligible for federal investment tax credit

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    For Solar Credits:

    I would say no. The credits are intended to reduce fossil energy usage. A genset would not seem to fit in any of the allowed categories. (a more efficient genset replacement possibly could get a credit--But I did not see any categories that would cover that).

    Don't know now... But originally, I think you had to have a utility connection to get credits. Pure off grid installations were not eligible (at least that was true for California since the California subsidies were via the electric utilities, not sure about the Feds).

    More words, not sure it clarifies--But does point to different sections of the IRS code to research:

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    You definitely can claim a genset and take the deduction. It is only if you get audited and the case goes against you.  ;) 

    Enrolled agents will tell you different opinions, I have heard many. Again it the same story, only if you are audited will you have to find out the consequences. I have more specific advice for my clients but the free one is make sure you are squeeky clean on the rest of the return.

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