Fooling Utility Sensing Generator with Conext AGS

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I am sure I am not the only one who has thought about this, or maybe I'm missing something, but heres what I got:

Looking at buying a Generac 70301 Standby Generator.  So this generator has no remote start ability, and the wiring diagram that I can find from generator doesn't show any of the start/run/stop wires.  The way the generator is setup is to sense absence of utility voltage, and run until it is restored.

I have a complete Schneider system:
Conext 6848
Conext Combox
Conext AGS
(2) Context MPPT 150

So, looking through the AGS manual, I am thinking what I need to do is wire up a relay or contact that will make/break my 240v from the inverter when I need the generator to run.  So my question is:

 - Which relays would I use with the AGS?
 - Will the scenario I described work?
 - Is there a better way to make this work?

I appreciate your input.



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    If I had to use a generator for what you want, I would just sense voltage to start. If the system had a way to generate Soc I would use that.
    There must be 5+ other ways to use AGS. You do not need any relays if you have the right genset. Pick another.

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    That was my first/only screen name from 24 years ago (5th grade).

    Anyways, looking for some helpful information this time if possible.  Generator can be had for cheap is the only reason I am looking into it.  Not something I need, just something I would want for the right price.
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    I am thinking the following scenario:

    Use a 2-pole breaker feeding a normally closed (24VAC coil) relay that goes to the generator utility sense terminals.  

    I think I could utilize wiring Type 14 on the AGS (relay 1) to control the relay.  When AGS gives the signal, the relay would then open triggering the generator to start thinking its lost utility power, and when satisfied, AGS would open RELAY 1 restoring power to the generator utility sense, and it would shutdown.

    Anybody see a problem with this scenario?
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