For Sale: Two Xantrex SW5548 Inverters, One Outback and Two Outback Flexmax 60 Charge Controllers

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I am replacing my current inverters and charge controllers in the next few days - hopefully.

I have two Xantrex SW5548 invverters (installed approx. June 2001), one Outback MX60 charge controller (installed approx January 2006) and two Outback FLEXmax60 charge controllers (installed approx. June 2013, and March 2014) for sale.

PM me for details if interested.


48v Off-Grid

Modules: 5.395 kW:

(16) Kyocera KC130TM

(12) Kyocera KD-210GX-LPU

(3) Kyocera KU265-6MCA 


(24) Trojan Solar SPRE 02 1255 


(2) Zomework trackers (KC130TM modules, 8 per tracker, landscape position) - facing due south

(1) Unirac ground mounted fixed rack (all KD210 modules, landscape position) - facing slightly southwest

(1) Unirac roof mounted fixed rack (all KU265 modules, landscape postion) - facing due south


(2) Trace SW5548

Charge Controllers:

(1) Outback MX60 - for (16) KC130 modules 

(1) Flexmax60 - for (12) KD210 modules

(1) Flexmax60 - for (3) KU265 modules


(1) Kohler 14RESA propane

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