Need help with setup

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I bought this system from ebay:

It came with a charge controller that has a braking system.

Do I need a dumping system for this?  It came with no instructions and I have searched every where.
My assumption is that I need to connect the WT to the charger and to the battery.  From there, it needs to go to some kind of dc/ac converter before going to the house electric system.

I have a solar MPP system  setup with 600 watts of solar:

If my understanding is correct, I can connect the WT charge system to the same batteries used by the MPPT system.
I'm not understanding if I need a dumping system or not.  If I do, what kind?



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    Do you have your solar+charge controller+battery bank+etc. connected and working yet?

    If not, get your solar system installed and working first.

    It appears that the wind charge controller is a complete standalone system... Basically, it connects to the 3 phase output of the turbine, rectifies to DC voltage/current, and outputs that to the battey bank (you should have a fuse or circuit breaker to protect against DC short circuits (current fed from battery bank to wind charger wiring in short circuit conditions). When the voltage of the battery exceeds 15/30 volts ("full" for a 12 or 24 volt battery bank), the wind charge controller "shorts" the 3 phase output from the turbine. A shorted alternator supplies enough torque (in general) to stop/or almost stop/the wind turbine from turning--And will only release the "braking circuit" when the battery bank needs charging again. So no dump controller/load needed for this wind setup.

    Regarding the Inverter/AC charger/Solar Charger 3 in 1 unit... Do you have any electrical experience (house wiring/car or boat wiring)? Do you have a manual for the 3 in 1 inverter? Have you purchased batteries yet?

    Generally, the AC inverter would be connected to a branch circuit from a 120 VAC breaker in your main panel, to the AC inverter. Then the output of the inverter goes to a set of AC outlets or a small distribution box to wiring in your home you want AC backup on (some lights, cel phone charger, radio, TV, etc.).... And connect the battery bank and solar as per the manual.

    This inverter is a pretty sophisticated device--You need to know how to install it.

    And the wind turbine, do you have a tower planned/purchased yet? You need to be in a pretty windy location to generate much power. If the turbine is too low to the ground, and/or too many trees/buildings near by, the turbulent air flow will usually kill electrical production.

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset