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Hello all , I’m trying to figure out the best way to supply water to my off grid home . 
 My well is 735’  water level is about 180’ now , in August the water is about 300 feet down , I’ve seen it as low as 500’ in a drought year . 
  The well mite produce 2/4 gallons a minute in drought conditions but I’m not sure . 
  The well guys I’m talking to all seam to want to put a regular ac well pump down to 700 feet and use 2hp pump and 10000 watt genarator to pump water to a tank . 
 I think it would pump me dry in a few minutes , I keep asking for a pump that runs on solar panels @ 2 gallons a min or so . 
  I’m liking the grondfos sq3-3 at 655 foot or 6 -3 rated at 820’  
   I would like to get a well guy to look at the equipment to make sure it will work but they seam very resistant I guess the do not want any skin in the game . 
   Does anyone have experience With pumping water from a deep well thanks for replies in advance
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    The well digging business really  does not have any guarantees. Some may try as they have a reputation but deep wells are deep pockets and you really can't expect them to guarantee anything. Those are both good pumps and I use them. The SQ  and an F to indicate that it can use the special controller for dc applications is what you need. Good Luck and the use of prayer is often a good thing wellbuilt :)
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    Not a pump/well guy... But I would watch the depth of pump vs water level in wet times? One pump has a 15 BAR or ~501 feet maximum pressure. (random pump data sheet)

    I.e,, if I understand, 180 feet water level + 501 foot ambient pressure max = 681 foot deepest allowed.

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    I know even less about well pumping than Bill but have read that specs can vary widely even in a fairly small area (eg single property).  It seems to me it might make more sense to drill and test first.  With the spec crap shot out of the way you'd know depth, flow rate, etc with more certainty and could then make a better informed equipment choice?
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    Thank so much for the reply’s fellas , 
      Say bill part of my problem is that chart that shows the 200 meters is new .
      That pump is spect for 820 feet all over the place and has been for years ? 
      Maybe they changed it nobody seems to know? 
       Estagon  , I am on top of a Mountain  we drilled in a spot  that I could get the truck into , plus there is very little dirt up here 30” or so over the well head .
     There is not much choice when it came to water septic location .
      A friend drilled for me , but he doesn’t do the pump work . 
     It cost thousands to get a guy up here to test the well , and it would have to be done in augest or September to have any real meaning .
      Every one seams to be able to test to 500 ‘ to test deeper I need a guy that fracks wells so that is more money .
     I can see the water in the hole now  but I’ve never checked down the hole this time of year .
      If bills spec it correct I could just put the pump at 650’ to be conservative . 
       The sales people  talk a big game but I have not received a quote from any one . 
       The one guy that  I talked to that seamed Very knowledgeable retired and is not available. 

        Hi Dave , I know when some one tells me no problem don’t worrie  it’s time to worry
        Have you noticed the SQF Specification change on  SQF 6- 3 pump ? 
       I may have to pick a pump and just have a well guy drop it down the hole . 
     I’m looking at the 6-3 because I could allways lower it down if need be .
                   Any insite would be appreciate.   Thanks every one John 
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    That is from our host's (NAWS) website... I suggest that you call the directly (or your local Grundfos distributor) for details:

    I know that Rick Forbs there works hard at keeping their library up to date--But things change (the date on the pump spec. appears to be: Printed from Grundfos Product Centre [2015.03.047]).

    I (sometimes) know my limitations.  :*

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