Outback is moving and other info for Mate 3S users.

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From one of my contacts.

1 As to the location of OutBack


We are pleased to inform you that OutBack Power is moving our headquarters from Arlington, WA to Phoenix, AZ. This move, to be completed by July 1, 2020, will bring us physically closer to the majority of our domestic customers. Additionally, Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport also allows us easier access to our customers around the globe. Our new Phoenix location will also help us recruit top talent to our already impressive team and in designing and testing new renewable energy products such as our lithium-ion battery which we displayed at Intersolar North America in February and expect to be available in Fall 2020. In addition to our headquarters, already located in our Phoenix office are our customer training center, technical support personnel, and our warranty service center.



2 Concerning corrupted files on the Mate 3(s)


To clear the internal data logs on the Mate3 or the Mate3S

Press Lock enter the password of 141

Setting  Enter

System Enter

Under System Configuration

Scroll down to

Clear Internal Data Log

Enter (Press Center Button)

Press Yes

This will clear the internal data logs.

This does not effect the CSV files or any information being sent to the SD card.

It will clear out the Graph files as displayed on the Mate by the charge controllers, the FNDC and the inverters.

I hope this helps.

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