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Greetings to members of the forum.
Help advice, which solar tracker to put on a two-axis mechanism with 325 W panels, we plan to put 40 panels, maybe someone already has experience, what do you recommend?


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    Welcome to the forum Mikola,

    Here is an older thread on trackers... Still pretty much current:

    One person here that installs lots of tracking systems uses:

    Assuming your are somewhere around the Ukraine, finding something locally will probably be more cost effective.

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    At the ripe old age I now only help the owner (consult) install a Wattsun tracking system. I would say to the op to also look at HZLA trackers at Wattsun. They and others are not as good at being aligned with the sun but are far easier to install. No Ladder!
     Most utilities track with this method.
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