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Greetings to all forum users, :)
We are a team from Ukraine, we are pleased to present to your attention a new solar tracker - SOLARSAN-GPS WiFi.

With the help of SOLARSAN-GPS, solar concentrators, collectors or panels can be oriented at right angles to sunlight. Control is carried out with the help of actuators or rotary actuators in one or two planes and has an accuracy of one degree.

Detail information and specification you can find here:


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    Very nice ! Trying to get pricing from the link. I have been waiting for one like this to replace an older out of production controller.
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    Yes, I have also been looking for a Tracker controller and also a manufacturer I can recommend for customers for my book.

    ISBN 9780993590313

    My Original supplier, Axe Tracka, was Dave in Cowa, Australia, sadly he is now dead. 

    He would supply me with the sensor box and the control box and all cables all I had to do was install and mount.

     His circuit used a PIC and simple code, his would operate every 15 minutes or so and therefore not waste valuable power, and use 2 large LED for tracking the sun. When light levels were going Dark the circuit would park the tracker into a East position awaiting the morning Sun. They have been working a good 10 years now,

    I have now been recommending RED ROCK from USA, single axis circuits and these work well.

    Note/comment ...... I have found that those switching relays can be troublesome over time especially if the actuator arm motors have a habit of throwing there magnets and making the motor work very hard and making the relays fail.

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    Just pitching in, Dave is not dead, just too unwell to produce these anymore. I'm his son-in-law and will be learning how to make and program them in the near future. Hopefully we can have them back in production before long. 
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    Hi I have the Axetracka and am trying to find out how to wire it into my actuator, to get the forward and reverse on the actuator