fronius ig 4000 system

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system is 10 years 8 months old and working great,,,, then pge starts playing around... system shut down , state code is 225 and gfdi light is orange. seems 225 is vague and a catch all for  "send it in and we will look at it" or contact your service person.  A friend purchased similiar system at same time and installed in same area. at 9 years his gfdi card went out. hear alot of bad talk about fronius being worthless and such... need some more info before  i make a fix.. thanks.  lester


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    You might try and see if you can get a new/replacement GFDI card. It may fix the problem.

    On the other hand, I would not spend a bunch of time and money on repairing your existing system. 10+ year life for power electronics (capacitors, FETs, etc.) is pretty typical. And when subjected to stresses (like PG&E's latest power cycling)--Old power supplies are known to fail "just a little bit sooner" when power cycled (worked at a company that made voice mail systems--An old machine that had not been powered cycled for the better part of a decade, there was a chance the power supply would not power back on after the service was completed).

    Another big issue is parts... After 5-10 years, most companies do not maintain parts and do repairs on their old equipment. Getting new parts (processors, ICs, memory) 10 years later can almost be impossible (eBay, scavenging the bone yard pile, etc.).

    At 10 years--Replacing with a completely new GT inverter is just par for the course and should be baked into your solar power budget. Finding one that matches your present array configuration (power/voltage)--Sometimes can be an issue.

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