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I’m still designing a series of grid tie systems for a remote location.  The way much of the metering works, is the meters and main disconnect is on a pole, and then branches go off to serve various buildings.  I am pondering doing the tie at the meter base/ main disconnect.  At this point I don’t know the size of the service entrance, I am assuming at this point it is either 200 or 200 amp.  We are currently contemplating a 20 kw installation, which would require a 100 amp breaker.  To avoid the 120% rule, I can do a line side tap, post meter, pre main disconnect.  Does anyone have any experience with these, and any tips?

I noticed, a product mentioned on this site called a “connectder” that plugs into the meter base, with it’s own PV breaker, actually pretty cool.  It seems that this has a limit of 160 amps through this device, which it would seem would make it pretty limited with a 200 amp service and a 100 amp PV breaker.

any advice is welcome...

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