Power Metering

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Does anyone have first hand knowledge of inexpensive D.C. Power metering,
something that works with watt/hours or amp/hours for use in battery monitoring?

I'd like to have something watching my D.C. to monitor my 12v dc loads as well as the D.C. side of my inverter.



  • Estragon
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    Not sure what "inexpensive" is to you, but I use these:

    ~$175 with a required shunt.  They do pretty much everthing I need for day-to-day monitoring.
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    For what you are talking about, I would suggest buying two of these:

    It comes with a shunt, and only measures the current / power / energy in one direction. So you could buy two, put the two shunts in series, and wire one meter to measure when the current is going into the batteries, and one when the current is coming out of the batteries.

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    You might be able to use one shunt with Horsefly's meters... Just switch the +/- sense leads to the single shunt back to the two meters.

    The two meter wires should be just like volt meters... Connecting to one shunt should not affect anything.

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