Conext Insight PV Monitoring Software/Web Portal out of Sync

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I currently remotely monitor my install via the web accessing the Conext Insight Web Portal.  It works well, however, most of the time the Site Summary tab in the Performance Dashboard are out of sync (delayed) by a few hours (perhaps as much as 12 hrs).  This is an on and off issue as it works well ans in sync for a few days, then randomly goes out of sync again.
Any ideas to why this occurs?  I believe it is a Schneider server issue.  I have verified my Combox settings thinking that perhaps it was a time zone or setting issue, but it seems to be OK.  I have noticed that the sync issue corrects itself (and few days later gets out of sync again) without me changing my settings. The local time and time zone displayed on the upper right corner of the portal main screen are correct for my location.
Any tips or advice would be most welcome!
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