Birdhouse Height?

Installing rapid shutdown, nowhere can I find if the button has to be at a certain height. Only says accessible location at ground level.


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    "Switches" are typically located 48" above ground level.
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    Thanks MVAS Am hoping to mount the box a little higher so don't have to move the conduit running to a light switch.  Just can't find any hard and fast height requirement for the box.
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    You won't find any rule, because their isn't any rule, just max height = 2 meters and easily accessible, etc
    You could position it, at the same height as the AC Meter.
    Minimum Height for switches, disconnects, etc is being discussed, may be in the next NEC release, or not.
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    County finally got back to me.  You are right, no rule.  Inspector said to keep it below 6'7".  Got the shut down installed yesterday and my power back up. Installing Birdhouse today.  No AC meter we are 100% off grid.  DIY kit did not come with a shut down so when we tried to get the final the inspector asked "Where's your shut down"  I said "What's that?" lol.
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    Yes, 6' 7" = 2 meters, Max Height is the only rule ...
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