Xantrax SW inverter/charger 5548 need help problem

Hello I have a Xantrax SW inverter apparently it does turn on and I do get the yellow light however and stop producing AC and wondering what is the most common problem on these inverters  it has been a very reliable inverter I’ve had no problems with this unit as someone can help me I would appreciate it I’m kind a new at alternative energy system my regards Vincenzo



  • Dave AngeliniDave Angelini Solar Expert Posts: 5,561 ✭✭✭✭✭
    How long does it make AC before the "yellow" light? Does it work with large loads. 
    Try removing DC and repowering. Is battery voltage good, connections good?

    How long have you had this inverter please? It is one of the older ones just after Trace.

    There are people in the US who will repair these but they are repaired from parts from other inverters.
    This model has been out of support from Xantrex, now Schneider for about 19 + years. I am guessing it is a 1997 or so.
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