night time solar generation

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I have a new solar generation system with an odd condition. Enlighten reports a lot of varying power being generated overnight! It also reports "There is an issue with your Envoy meter measurements". nd overnight, not consumption of this power at all. The installer says I have to waut a few days for the system to catchup sending data after switching the system from using a cellular modem to using wifi. But it has been days and I see the same thing. The system is definitely generating powe which I can see by looking at the smart meter when AC is running during the day which shows much less wattage than the AC draws. I am guessing there is a problem with the current transformer wiring or devices. Suggestions?


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    The cell/wifi thing sounds kinda bogus to me.  Seems to me you should be able to see pv production at both the system and individual panel level.  Can you see panel level data?
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