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I always wanted for years to replace my submersible Franklin with a DC solar trickle pump. 20-30 volts .It would fill a tank inside the house and I would have a second pump to push into the pressure tank at about 30/50 psi setting. I was looking at the SUN dc pumps for about 800$ plus controller.
I thought the second pump at the outlet of the storage tank would be a small Taco.What model Taco might be good for this?? the pressure tank is normal size but I wouldnt mind even a smaller one...My needs are very small,one person,always conservative in usage.


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    I may be wrong, but I don’t think a Taco (or similar circ pump) is designed to push into pressure. I think you would be better off with a small shurflo type pump that you could run off either 120 vac or 12/24 vdc to supply pressure.  You could use one complexity in lieu of a P tank but I wouldn’t recommend it.

    Shurfo makes a submersible that would deliver directly to the P tank.  I use one to draw directly from the lake, into 60 psi tank.  Has been working perfectly for 16 years.  Not real cheap but good long term value

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    I guess Shurflo is making better products than the old simple RV pumps they used to do. I had one for a 17 ft trailer. Their prices seem to be close now to Sun pumps in Arizona. But I would still separate the slow trickle pumping from the pressure tank pumping.
    I think the submersible would last a long time that way. It would be nice to have a 15- 30 dc version though..
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    The shurflo will run on 12 or 24 vdc.


    Mine has been in the water for over 12 years now, and (touch wood with winter coming on!) no troubles.  I have a 12 vdc native system, and use a linear current booster to run it on 24 vdc.    Ran fine on 12, but draws a lot fewer amps on 24, draws about 7 amps net from a 12 vdc battery bank, including the the power the current booster uses, plus ~1 amp for a solenoid valve I have in my system.


    PS there are others out there, cheaper but with what longevity?  T
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    you think the shurflo is as good as a Sun..???
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