Out door rated connection box?

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Hello there,
Next phase of my project now is prepping my system to be easily connected once it arrives on site.
I am looking for an out-door rated, approved box to connect AC loads to the system and also feed in either Grid or Generator power or both. Flexibility and simplicity with on-site connection is what I am aiming for.

Hoping for a lot with one box but I am sure it is possible. Maybe it is a good idea and maybe not. Maybe to pricey to have custom built? We'll see. This may be something best discussed with my local inspector, and I will in time, however thought I'd post here to gain some insight before doing so.

Below, I've attached a quick sketch of what I am aiming to achieve. Again, also looking for re-direction if necessary.

My idea is to have my solar system ready to easily connect to an out-door box mounted on the end of the shipping container. This way it is simple to connect to the dwelling being powered, and also ready to connect to two other separate structures (loads) for convenience. Also, would connect to incoming grid power (from the pole maybe but more likely from the grid connected home) and an input for quick Generator input connection.

Of course more connection points is not good, however the added convenience of having the system easily connect and dis-connect is well worth the burden of having another connection point to maintain (in my current opinion).

Again everything weighs on the inspector. I am trying to keep everyone happy but also want a professional and safe product for my end user.

I've also attached a file below my sketch that is getting pretty close to what I think I might be looking for. This company can also, for an inflated cost I'm sure, make a horizontal box (kinda like a splitter box) that could fit more termination strips in. I'm going to contact them, and every other supplier /manufacturer I can dig up) today as well.

Hoping that others out there may have experience, in particular, to a situation like this and or know of a product solution that will work for my situation or even have a better idea.

Thanks again, as always, in advance for everyone's time in running and contributing to this forum :)


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    Here is how it turned out. Doesn't look like much but learned a tonne. Set up to run 3 main loads. Installed 2/0-14 awg splitter blocks in case you've got a long run.
    Option to connect a Generator placed close outside using the 4-18 awg three pole dead front terminal block. (Yellow 12/3 is temporary for charging batteries from grid power)

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