True Island Story

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On a remote Pacific Island, two Scientists operated a small US Government Lab. They were notified that ten World renown Scientists were to arrive in a week to do a test that required a vacuum chamber of an unusual size, vacuum pump and fittings. Since this Lab did not have a chamber this size they ordered one to be flown in with pump and fittings. As usual these Items arrived the same day as the visiting scientists (which was a Friday). As they scrambled to put it all together, the visiting scientists were ready to do a test on their device that day. Finally the chamber was ready and the device was placed inside. A vacuum of 30' of mercury in a column was written on the test sheet for completion. As the chamber was depressurized the pump could only pull 28' of mercury. After an unsuccessful effort to complete the test all gave up and decided to do it Monday. So the weekend was free for the visitors but the Lab supervisor needed to fix the vacuum chamber error. He eventually called the manufacturer of the vacuum pump to demand a new pump that would be flown in ASAP. They told him this could be done only if the defective pump was verified by a shipping number being shipped to them. The Lab supervisor then told the other scientist that he must drive to the other side of the Island to ship the defective pump. That scientist then drove home with the defective vacuum pump and told his wife that the plan for a beach party Saturday were over. She asked "why" and he told about the defective vacuum pump that couldn't pull 30' of mercury and need to be shipped back to the USA.  She was understanding but very disappointed with this news and walked out of the living room into the kitchen . After a minute she returned and said " Dear, the Barometric pressure was 28' of mercury today".
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