Grundfos sqflex pumps

NikiNiki Registered Users Posts: 21 ✭✭
These pumps are certainly pricy but what a clever design.  They accept any power source ac up to 240 vac or dc up to 300 VDC any polarity and convert it (in the pump) to 3 phase variable frequency power and even employ maximum power point tracking!  How cool is that?  As long as the minimum voltage of 40vdc or 90 vac is available the pump works. Even without controls the pump works.  It’s only flaw is that it won’t work properly when ac if used incorporates a GFIC.  I think this is due to the low. water sensor communicates between the power conductor and the pump body through the water in the well.  If the pump necessary very high resistance it shuts. off and waits for the water to return to the sensor.
i guess this means the pump won’t work in distilled water. LOL
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