are heat pump top retrofits still made? for hot water heaters?

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about 8 years ago I bought a water heat pump retrofit kit, called AIRtap  that was white and installed it in my sisters hot water tank. that company  has gone out of business. researching it again I see the NYLE made and then went out of business as well as GE thermal heat pumps. There were some on clearance on facebook for $400 a month ago, Kicking myself for not buying it then, 

so I can't find a retrofit unit anymore? an all in one heatpump and tank is the only way now?


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    Well, that is a shock about NYLE.  They are still there, but don't make home units anymore. I bought two of those left over from the HotShot program. I was going to buy a pallet of units that didn't work.
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    I think hard water kills many of these heat exchangers. Maybe that is why companies get out of residential systems???

    One basically would need to do a vinegar rise ( in hard water areas) every year to keep them working, and most people dont' even flush out their hot water tank or replace the anode rod.  (I have a 24 year old nat gas water heater that's never been flushed, lol, on the list of thigns to do)  

    Next time I visit my sister I will check on the air tap unit, I bet the copper pipe that I squeezed into the top is covered in white scale. I also built a foot thick super insulating wall around the heater. 
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