whatever happened to crowd funded Rayton solar panels from 2 years ago?


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    It looks like Rayton Solar to is pivoting to silicon wafer production (using the same sort of fancy production process they've been working on)
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    what a rip off people gave them money for solar and they decided to make computer chips. 
    and only 2 employees? wow.  copied from above web link:


    The Company's previous focus was on solar energy. Through the use of a particle accelerator co-developed with Phoenix Nuclear Labs, LLC ("PNL"), Rayton is able to achieve close to zero waste and create cost-efficient PV modules. However, the Company realized that the developed technology could be put to additional use beyond just the development of PV modules. Applying the technology that Rayton has already developed, the Company believes it will be able to manufacture engineered GaAs wafers at a price significantly lower than existing manufacturers. The manufacturing process for Rayton’s PV material and GaAs wafers is patented.

    Engineering and Development to Date

    The particle accelerator for producing engineered GaAs wafers is fully assembled with PNL. Additional payment is required before they will release it to Rayton.


    Information about the company’s management can be found in “Item 3. Directors and Officers”.


    The Company plans to manufacture a GaAs wafer that can be sold for approximately 25% less than the current market price. The GaAs wafer market is currently $650 million per year and growing at a compound annual growth rate of 11%. Rayton will source raw materials for its engineered GaAs wafers from producers, such as Freiberger and Sumitomo, and it would then use its manufacturing processes to produce a lower cost GaAs wafer. The Company would then be able to sell its engineered GaAs wafers to foundries, such as VPEC and IQE, that will grow devices on the wafers. The foundries can then sell these devices to chipmakers, who turn them into products used in retail electronics. The Company has not yet established relationships with the identified suppliers or foundries.

    Research and Development

    Rayton has invested $812,464 in 2018 and $840,601 in 2017 in research and development. The Company’s research and development costs consist primarily of payroll, equipment, and material costs


    The Company currently has two full-time employees and also works with multiple engineering contractors.


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    "Additional payment is required before they will release it to Rayton".  "The company has not yet established relationships with the identified suppliers or foundries".

    Translation - We're out of money, but here's a Hail Mary which might keep the lights on for a while if we can get some money from early stage VCs on it.
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    It would be great if someone who knows this space to debunk in a public way. Anyone? something like this but for wafers?:

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