solar water heater in attic or conditioned space? Charlotte, NC.

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I got a Velux solar water heating system off craigslist for $400. I think I spent $1200 for just the pump station on my last solar water system purchase.   Normally they are Thousands of dollars. It is a single tank system with a glycol tubing heat exchanger with electric back up heat and separate pump station and two water panels for the roof. 

Any pros/cons to installing the tank in the attic vs in conditioned space? I think if I put in attic then the cold line will get condensation on it a lot and eventually rust out, so better to keep in conditioned space with thick insulation blanket around it. 
link below details the over all system. It will also be easier to maintain yearly with a flushout.$FILE/X20219-0112_SWH_Brochure.pdf

anyone ever use a powered anode vs a regular aluminum anode. seems like the powered ones are better in the long run. 


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    I wouldn't put a tank in the attic, as pretty much any tank eventually leaks.  In an attic, the resulting damage could be significant.  In a basement next to a floor drain on a concrete slab makes much more sense to me.
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